“Another class act”: Hi-Fi News reviews Ayre’s AX-5 Twenty integrated amp

US hi-fi brand Ayre Acoustics celebrated its 20th anniversary with a reworked version of a fully balanced integrated amplifier “that sent the preamp stage packing,” says David Price in the latest issue of Hi-Fi News. 

Colorado-based Ayre is known for its innovative range of pre, power and integrated amplifiers, all of which feature the brand’s exclusive fully-balanced, zero-feedback circuitry, with special emphasis lavished on the power supply. The range is also complemented by various high quality digital sources, phono stages and head-fi products.

The AX-5 Twenty “is an integrated whose size, weight and cosmetics bear all the hallmarks of the American high-end,” writes Price.

“There’s little sense of the AX-5 Twenty being a ‘character amplifier’, one that thrusts its personality on the listener. Rather, it’s remarkably even-handed and thorough in the way it makes music, never adding colour or stripping recordings of their textures and dynamics. The result is a big, powerful and articulate presentation that shines a light into the recesses of the most complex of mixes.”

Read the full review in the September 2020 issue of Hi-Fi News

Discover more at www.ayre.com and find your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.decentaudio.co.uk