MBL’s stunningly unique omnidirectional loudspeaker systems are coming to the UK

German high-end audio brand MBL is delighted to announce that it will bring its unique hi-fi systems and separates direct to the UK market, with the support of David Denyer PR. The company is currently establishing a select network of specialist dealers to bring its innovative products to discerning customers across the country, starting in the south-west of England.

Unique in the world: the famous MBL Radialstrahler

MBL is justifiably famous for its extraordinarily pioneering ‘Radialstrahler’ omnidirectional loudspeaker. Originally conceived and created by the company’s founders, Meletzky, Bieneke and Lehnart (hence ‘MBL’) in 1979, the Radialstrahler design has subsequently been honed, perfected and advanced by current chief engineer Juergen Reis. Its spherical, 360°, pulsating sound wave design is now offered as a collection of six models, from the ‘126’ bookshelf to the radical one-tonne, four-tower flagship ‘101 X-treme’.

Discover more about this state-of-the-art design in ‘Secrets of the MBL Radialstrahler’ on page 3 of the full press release below.

An ‘omnidirectional’ approach

The MBL range has since grown to encompass all of the essential electronics needed to create a stunningly crafted, masterfully performing system. Amplifiers, DACs and CD players come in three series: the top-of-range Reference Line, the innovative Noble Line and the elegantly compact Corona Line (the latter with a forthcoming name change to ‘Cadenza Line’, for obvious reasons).

Over the years, all three lines have earned an impressive array of awards, and continue to do so: 60% of MBL’s entire product range was singled out in US magazine The Absolute Sound’s Editors’ Choice Awards 2020.

You might say that the company’s design approach, which permeates all of its product lines, is ‘omnidirectional’ by nature, in that it focuses on creating a superior quality of experience in every aspect of audio pleasure. An MBL system is not only engineered with leading edge technology, it’s also 100% hand-crafted in the company’s own production facilities near Berlin. Its acute attention to design detail means that it’s both stunning to look at, and truly smooth and elegant in its seamless user-friendliness. And it’s not just incredible-sounding for the lucky audiophile in the ‘hot seat’, it’s majestically and generously room-filling and beyond.

But please, don’t take our word for it. MBL is coming to the UK, and soon, you will be able find out for yourself. Look out for further announcements this autumn.


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PRESS RELEASE MBL’s stunningly unique omnidirectional loudspeaker systems are coming to the UK (pages 1-2)

PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE MBL’s stunningly unique omnidirectional loudspeaker systems are coming to the UK (page 3)

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