Can sonic bliss really be this effortless? US-based web magazine spends quality time with Furutech’s NCF Clear Line Power Supply Optimizer

Editor-in-Chief Marc Phillips has a plastic storage bin that’s filled with all the audio tweaks he’s tried and rejected over the years. “You know what’s not in that box? Anything from Furutech. Especially the Furutech NCF products, which I’ve been using happily for the last few years.” But is the new The NCF Clear Line “just too easy, too simple? Can sonic bliss really be this effortless?”

“There’s a device you can buy that you can plug into any AC outlet in a room, and it transforms the sound of your hi-fi system,” is often a statement that gets “promptly skewered by the press and skeptics and alleged science guys and anonymous internet doofuses,” writes Phillips.

This isn’t the first time he’s reviewed a Furutech NCF product: he reviewed Furutech’s NCF Boosters for Positive Feedback a couple of years ago – and has kept them in his system ever since. “At this point, I really don’t want to listen without Furutech NCF Boosters,” he says.

Furutech NCF Clear Line AC power supply optimizer

Seems the NCF Clear Line is destined for the same fate….

“The Clear Line also made huge changes to the sound of my system. Obvious changes. It’s the easiest product in the world for A/B comparisons because you can quickly compare by plugging it in and quickly unplugging it.”

“It’s one of those products where you hold it in your hand and wonder why it costs as much as it does. Then you hear the effect on your system, and you say to yourself that this is the best $$ you’ve ever spent in audio.”

“Just listen for yourself and decide. I’ve decided yes, and I’m keeping it.”

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