Topping Audio’s outstanding quality / price ratio comes to the UK – at long last!

PRESS RELEASE: What Took You So Long? sang indie rock band The Courteeners in their third chart single, released in 1998. If you’ve been wondering the same about Topping Audio, then wonder no more. Topping’s famously affordable hi-fi has finally arrived in the UK market, thanks to a new partnership with Buckinghamshire-based retailer Electromod.

Topping Audio is based in Guangzhou, China, but don’t let that tempt you into making any knee-jerk assumptions. This is a serious company that’s as committed to genuine quality as it is to delivering astonishing value for money.

Topping creates a wide range of audio products including power amplifiers, headphone amplifiers and DACs. Prices start at a mere £90 for the D10s DAC, and we’re told that a Bluetooth receiver priced at around £40 is on the way.

At the upper end of the scale, recent additions to the Topping portfolio include the new flagship D90 DAC (£700), whose full MQA decoder ‘unfolds’ digital music files to deliver the highest possible sound quality.

The Topping brand was founded in 2008, and since then it has attracted quite a buzz of attention on hi-fi forums and in social media groups, thanks to that impressive balancing act of excellent quality and oh-so-keen pricing. What’s more, Topping puts a strong emphasis on continued research and development, backed up by a skilled engineering team and with ongoing investment in top-of-the-range professional audio testing equipment.

“We could not be more excited to be launching the Topping brand in the UK,” says Mark Dolbear of Electromod. “We know that UK customers have been keen to buy Topping hi-fi for some time, but until now they’ve had to take their chances with online orders and import duties. Now, they can buy with ease and confidence from a trusted local UK retailer, backed up with Electromod’s technical guidance and service support.”

Topping joins a complement of innovative audio brands in the Electromod portfolio, including Schitt Audio, Dan Clark Audio, Dekoni and Stax Service Centre.

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PRESS RELEASE Topping Audio’s outstanding quality / price ratio comes to the UK – at long last!

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