“Amazing value”: Hi-Fi Choice recommends Topping Audio’s D10S USB DAC

At just £85, can Topping Audio’s “very compact” DAC deliver the sonic goods? Absolutely, says Hi-Fi Choice – and with added flexibility to boot. 

“As a very compact USB DAC, the D10S meets the needs of those wanting a standalone converter at a competitive price,” says the magazine.

Topping D10S USB DAC

It supports PCM files up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD from DSD64 to DSD256 (native). It can also deliver 16-24-bit/44.1-192kHz through its optical or coaxial outputs.

“A rather nice touch is that Topping Audio allows DIY-ers to replace the op-amp to experiment with different sound signatures. I can’t resist looking and, sure enough…. [it] is simple to upgrade.”

The audition tries out a WMA file of Vivaldi which delivers “a clear and bright presentation” and an exceptional recording of a piano and violin performance on a FLAC file from UltraAnalogue Recordings “is spectacular. The image placement of the two instruments is spot on… marking the D10S out as amazing value and a great and compact DAC.”

Read the full review and discover some other ‘Choice Extras’ in the October 2020 issue of Hi-Fi Choice.

Find out more at www.tpdz.net and track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.electromod.co.uk