Hi-Fi Plus Preamplifier of the Year: Townshend Allegri Reference

“It’s hard to appreciate how critical the preamplifier is until one like this comes along and reveals what you thought was a limitation of the source was actually a distortion by the preamp,” says Hi-Fi Plus of the Townshend Allegri Reference, which is now a worthy winner of one of the magazine’s top annual awards.

“By using 120 relays and a pair of autotransformers, the Allegri Reference offers 129 half-decibel steps, a far wider range than anyone has managed with stepped volume pots,” notes the magazine, of which “the results more than paid off.”

“It’s a monster of the most refined and revealing variety that I have ever encountered,” enthused Jason Kennedy, who reviewed the Townshend preamp in issue 184 of the magazine. “It has many of the characteristics of high-end preamplifiers such as a very smooth effortless delivery, wide bandwidth and high transparency to detail, but it goes further in all these departments than the majority.”

Townshend Allegri Reference black berry

“You get state of the art sound quality for a significantly more accessible price than preamplifiers at this level usually command, and that seems like a pretty good deal to me.”

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