Hi-Fi Plus Loudspeaker of the Year (over £20k): Raidho TD1.2

The Hi-Fi Plus annual awards issue is the magazine’s last issue of the year for UK readers – and another reason to celebrate the end of 2020! Among the worthy winners is Raidho’s top standmount model, first reviewed in issue 188 in October.

In a year where people have discovered or rediscovered the joys of great audio through spending more time at home, the value of having a system that sounds really good has become more important than ever. With that in mind, the Hi-Fi Plus annual awards honour those components that “strive for, and achieve, a higher order of perfection than the rest.”

Taking the award for Loudspeaker of the Year (over £20k) is Danish brand Raidho’s TD1.2 top standmount model. The TD series is the brand’s newest line, in an era when “the Raidho brand has started to really deliver, refining its existing technology and entering a period of steady evolution,”

The series sports a brand new, upgraded version of the famous Raidho sealed ribbon tweeter, which now incorporates an even more powerful magnet system and a new acoustically optimized rear chamber, both of which serve not only to increase sensitivity and resolution, but lower distortion levels by an amazing 35dB compared to the (already reference-standard) previous design.

Raidho TD-1.2

The mid and bass drive units feature a new five-layer tantalum/diamond cone that offers a superb balance of stiffness and damping, “the twin grails of loudspeaker cone design.” Additionally, they include a new patent-pending motor system with a magnet assembly that delivers quite staggering tesla levels, and which Raidho cites as “the strongest underhung motor design on the market”.

Reviewer Roy Gregory was seriously impressed with the “really rather remarkable TD1.2. Listen and you might discover hidden musical gems in the most unlikely places; listen and you might discover the heights a great guitarist can reach in terms of musical expression. The TD1.2 might not fool you into thinking you are there, but it sure as shootin’ will make you wish you had been!”

Discover more at http://raidho.dk and track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.decentaudio.co.uk

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