“An easy winner”: Magnepan’s LRS ‘Little Ribbon Speaker’ is Hi-Fi World’s Loudspeaker of the Year 2020

“Little in size and price, but large in sonic impact,” wrote Hi-Fi World’s editor Noel Keywood in his September 2020 review of Magnepan’s entry-level planar magnetic loudspeaker. So much so, in fact, that it hasn’t since been bettered. “These loudspeakers break the mould,” says the magazine.

“What a sound!” writes Keywood. “The Magneplanar LRS is in many areas streets ahead of conventional box loudspeakers.”

Here’s the science bit: “What you get in the LRS are two planar (flat) drive units. Each comprises a Mylar film with aluminium conductors on it. Electrical current passes through these conductors and the resultant magnetic field acts against fixed bar magnets. Sorry for the lecture, but it’s all quite different to the norm and may well become more common in our homes, especially since with a flat panel like the LRS you get something just one-inch thick.”

Magnepan LRS

“With the Pink Panther Theme, the laconic saxophone introduction cruised in its own nice dark space, free from subliminal background muddle. So think: darkness between notes and a sense of sudden surprise as riff comes out of nowhere. This track also highlighted almost definitive timbral resolution of the sax body, which had a fruity brassy sound. It was like listening to a big instrument onto which someone was shining a spotlight.”

“Stand-out good and innovative, the LRS is an easy winner of our award for Best Loudspeaker of 2020.”

The only ‘problem’, says Hi-Fi World, is that the LRS “is going to have a lot of other loudspeakers manufacturers very worried.”

Read Noel Keywood’s full review, and discover the complete listing of annual Award-winners, in the December 2020 issue of Hi-Fi World.

Find out more at www.magnepan.com. The Magnepan LRS is available direct from www.hifisound.co.uk and a select number of independent retailers; details via UK distributor www.decentaudio.co.uk

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