“Slimline tonic”: Hi-Fi News is impressed by Scansonic’s slender multi-driver MB6B loudspeaker

The MB series is Scansonic’s high-end range and the MB6B the top model in the range. “In an arena where bulky, room-dominating speakers prevail, this design takes a different approach,” writes reviewer Andrew Everard. 

At just over 1.4m, the MB6B is a tall loudspeaker, but Scansonic has kept it firmly on the slim side – “at under 18cm, the front baffle is narrower that that of many a much smaller design.”

The speaker’s slender profile is made possible by the choice of drivers. In contrast to the usual principle of using ever-bigger drivers to deliver the bass, Scansonic’s design team (which is shared with sister brands Raidho and Gamut) has opted for multiple smaller units.  It’s an approach that offers definite advantages, notes Everard.

Scansonic MB6B

“Not only does it allow the slimline design we see here, but smaller drivers are notionally much easier to start, stop and generally control than the bigger and heavier cones more conventionally associated with powerful bass.”

In this case there are six drivers, in what Scansonic call ‘a power sharing line array’ with time alignment of all drivers at the listening position. The ribbon/planar tweeter is positioned at the centre, with the midrange and bass drivers arranged above and below, radiating outwards from the most directional drive units at the centre moving out to the less directional units.

“These tall slender speakers don’t just look fabulous, they also deliver the music – any music – with real vitality and impact. They’re detailed, refined and classy, but hit them with something rougher and harder and they’ll rise to the occasion in admirable style.”

Read Andrew Everard’s full review, along with editor Paul Miller’s lab report, in the January 2021 issue of Hi-Fi News.

Find out more at www.scansonichd.dk and track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.decentaudio.co.uk