“A must-hear silver disc spinner”: HiFi & Music Source reviews Exposure’s XM CD

Simon Wilce finds much to enjoy in Exposure’s award-winning ‘spinner’, whether partnered with the brand’s own matching half-width XM5 integrated amplifier or used as a CD transport with an external DAC. “For anyone still excited by CD this is a must-hear without a doubt,” he concludes.

“Over the years I have collected more than 2,500 CDs and my library is carefully organised in alphabetical and chronological order,” writes Wilce in online magazine hifiandmusicsource.com. “All are ripped and stored in WAV format on a music server ready to stream to my music streaming player. The original CDs are rarely played. So why then should I get excited about reviewing my first CD player in four years from British designer Exposure?”

Exposure XM CD player – titanium

hifiandmusicsource.com seeks to bridge the gap between gadget reviews and more specialist ‘audiophile’ reviews, and to cover the more affordable ‘real world’ audio market place. Exposure, meanwhile, has been perfecting the art of creating “real hi-fi for real music lovers” since 1974 and remains absolutely committed to designing and building “the best sounding and most affordable hi-fi that we can”. Clearly, there’s a match of interests here which perhaps goes some way to explaining Wilce’s excitement.

Plus there’s the simple fact that XM CD’s sound is “crisp, clear and accurate which are surely the key requirements of any CD player.”

Read the full review online at hifiandmusicsource.com/2021/04/exposure-xm-cd-hifi-review

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