“A remarkable achievement”: Kerr Acoustic’s K320 Mk3 loudspeaker earns an Editor’s Choice badge from The Ear

Jes Kerr is an audio designer / engineer to watch, believes The Ear’s Jason Kennedy. Most of the people who really appreciate good sound and make good sounding equipment grew up in the heyday of hi-fi in the 50s, 60s and 70s, he writes. “But there are a few exceptions and Jes Kerr is one of them.” Kerr started Kerr Acoustics in his mid-twenties and is not yet 30, yet his distinctive loudspeakers were already gracing the kind of professional studios that produce chart-topping records before he expanded into home audio a couple of years ago. 

Kerr Acoustic K320 white back and front

The K320, now in its third incarnation, is a two-way floor-standing loudspeaker designed specifically for the home. Featuring Kerr Acoustic’s unique transmission line, it produces a stunningly accurate and extended frequency response from 24Hz – 45kHz which remains linear and uncoloured at all playback levels.

“The Kerr K320 is a remarkable achievement,” writes Kennedy, “and Jes Kerr has got to this stage in pretty short order – top marks.”

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