“Among the mechanically best I’ve ever seen”: Ken Kessler tests the quality of tape reels from RX Reels

Ken Kessler knows a thing or two about open-reel tape, having amassed nearly 1,800 commercial pre-recorded tapes from the 1950s to the early 1980s, as well as a tape deck or three. As the tape revival continues, a trickle of manufacturers of new support gear emerges, including RX Reels: “makers of new 10″ reels, which I was driven to try, as plastic reels at that size lack precision”. 

“I am enamoured of the luxurious carbon-fiber spools,” writes Kessler in soundstagehifi.com. “When you remove them from the box, you sense the flatness, the precision, and—lo and behold!—in use they provide the most even take-up I’ve experienced.”

Trying them on Denon, Otari and Technics decks, “In every case, the tape spooled to the same flat perfection you usually only see when you open up a factory-fresh blank tape.”

RX Reels

“This is particularly reassuring with irreplaceable tapes – they cost a bundle and I do not want to threaten the welfare of my precious Opus 3, Foné, Chasing the Dragon, or STS tapes.”

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Discover more about RX Reels’ audiophile quality carbon fibre reels at https://rxreels.com