Clearaudio Concept deck in T3 magazine’s Top 10 ‘Best Tech’ for home entertainment

“No matter who you are, where you are, what you do or how you do it, here are a stack of ideas on how tech can make it better,” says gadget and technology magazine T3. In its May issue, T3 offers Top 10 recommendations for ‘Best Tech’ in home entertainment, home office, fitness, gardens, the smart home, getting around and pastimes and passions. Clearaudio’s Concept turntable package features high on the home entertainment list.

“An extraordinary feat of audio engineering,” says T3 of this multi-award winning deck, famous for combining innovative technology, high performance and classy looks with plug-and-play simplicity and an affordable price tag.

Concept Active in black

“It’s an incredibly transparent, detailed, spacious turntable” that “delivers a compelling experience from your favourite vinyl.”

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Read the complete ‘Best Tech for Everything’ feature in the May 2021 issue of T3 magazine.