‘Pro and Home Audio: Bridging the Gap’: Stranger High Fidelity & Sound Fowndations to stage a very special UK event, 14 & 15 August 2021


Stranger High Fidelity, the exciting bespoke hi-fi retail service launched in 2020 by Cameron Jenkins of independent record label Stranger Records, is collaborating with specialist high-end audio distributor Sound Fowndations to stage an exclusive event at the iconic Real World Studios this August.

‘Pro and Home Audio: Bridging the Gap’: a unique event not to be missed

Press and audiophiles are invited to join Stranger High Fidelity and Sound Fowndations at Real World Studios, near Bath, for one of two exclusive day-long events on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of August 2021. To safeguard the wellbeing of all guests, numbers will be strictly limited and attendance must be reserved in advance.

Cameron Jenkins, founder of Stranger High Fidelity, is a producer, recording engineer and label owner who, having spent many years in the great control rooms of the world, is keen to share his wealth of professional experience with audiophiles enjoying home hi-fi.

Guests on each of the two days will be welcomed into Cameron’s space in the internationally renowned Real World Studios where he, and high-end audio distributor Sound Fowndations, will showcase some truly exceptional components, combined to create immersive systems that ‘bridge the gap’ between the recording of music in professional studios and its playback at home.

Among these will be the world’s first demonstration of a prototype of Kerr Acoustic’s new K200 loudspeaker, as well as the UK’s first showing of DS Audio’s ‘third generation’ of optical phono cartridges: the flagship Grand Master and entry level DS 003.

The event will feature ‘behind the scenes’ insights from presenters from the professional and home audio worlds, including:

  • Jes Kerr of Kerr Acoustic, who will share his approach to loudspeaker design which has been strongly influenced by his skills as both an album producer and a professional drummer.
  • DS Audio’s Tetsuaki Aoyagi (via video from Japan), on the principles behind DS Audio’s pioneering and performance-enhancing optical phono cartridge technology.
  • Guy Pratt, the prolific session bass player whose music credits include Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, Michael Jackson, Iggy Pop and Madonna to name only a few, who will share tales of life on the road and in the studio.
  • Nick Franglen of electronic music duo Lemon Jelly, on how an album is recorded, mixed and mastered and the implications for the best possible playback.
  • Nigel Pulsford, former lead guitarist with 90s rock band Bush and record producer, on the journey from creating a six-times platinum album to putting together a home hi-fi system.

Please register your interest in attending this exciting event by calling Cameron Jenkins at Stranger High Fidelity on 07702 155 847.

Stranger High Fidelity: a unique audio experience

Stranger High Fidelity is a new, bespoke high-end audio retail service run by Cameron Jenkins, founder and owner of independent label Stranger Records. Cameron’s production, engineering, songwriting and musician credits include albums by Lana del Rey, The Verve, John Cale, The Charlatans, Everything But The Girl, Lemon Jelly and Badly Drawn Boy among others, and he has been nominated for two Mercury Prizes, a Latin Grammy, a BRIT award and a MOBO.

Cameron has his own space at Real World Studios in Box, Wiltshire, near the city of Bath, where he offers a level of service you won’t find on any high street. He brings his full professional expertise – and his connections – to clients, collaborating with top audio engineers and acoustic experts to bring a level of performance into customers’ home audio systems that a producer would expect in a professional studio.

Says Cameron, “I’ve hand-picked a few of my favourite hi-fi brands and products to create stunning, immersive audio systems. The focus is on superb engineering, elegant aesthetics and, above all, flawless musicality. I invite customers to come, by appointment, and spend some quality time listening to a selection of systems which I feel give the most direct and satisfying musical experience, as the artist, producer and engineer intended.”

The brands, which span both home and professional audio, include (but are not limited to) Aesthetix, Bricasti, Clearaudio, Computer Audio Design, DS Audio, Furutech, Kerr Acoustic, MBL, Roon, Townshend Audio and Trinnov Audio.

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PRESS RELEASE ‘Pro and Home Audio: Bridging the Gap’: Stranger High Fidelity & Sound Fowndations to stage a very special UK event, 14 & 15 August 2021