“An entirely different world of engineering”: Stereonet reviews MBL’s Radialstrahler 126 loudspeaker

“If you’ve never heard an MBL Radialstrahler before, then you should,” writes David Price for hi-fi webzine Stereonet. “I’ve reviewed a couple in my time in one capacity or another… they were memorable things.” The 126 is the smallest omnidirectional speaker yet developed by the company and is, says Price, “arguably the company’s most interesting product because it’s just about compact enough to be used in most people’s listening rooms.”

The unique Radialstrahler driver was initially conceived by MBL’s founders Meletzky, Bieneke and Lehnardt and has subsequently been evolved by the company’s current chief engineer, Jürgen Reis. “It’s a unique and bespoke technology that’s unlike anything else I’ve seen and gives an omnidirectional 360° spread of sound across a wide bandwidth,” writes Price. “This is unlike conventional speakers, which easily radiate sound all-around at low frequencies but get progressively less able to do so further up.”

MBL 126 loudspeaker

“After just a few seconds of listening, my thoughts centered around “what’s not to like?”…. listening to the Radialstrahler 126 is a revelation if you’ve not heard an MBL before. There are no other loudspeakers on sale that I’ve come across which combine such dizzying speed with this cinemascopic stereo soundstage. It delivers a hugely immersive sound and one that feels startlingly real.”

“This baby MBL has the ability to take you into the world of the mixing booth, dissolving layer upon layer of fog and haze that so many speakers introduce due to their boxy colourations and phase-corrupting drivers and crossovers. Only the very best loudspeakers offer this experience – it is the exclusive realm of true high-end designs.”

“Go and hear a pair for yourself if you possibly can.”

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Find out more at www.mbl.de/radialstrahler-mbl-126. For UK auditions and purchasing enquiries contact specialist retailer Stranger High Fidelity.