“Spool’s gold”: Hi-Fi World recommends RX Reels’ superbly-made tape reels

“If you take reel-to-reel seriously, do yourself a favour and give an RX reel a spin,” writes Martin Pipe in Hi-Fi World. “It takes better care of your precious tape, will aid sound quality, and could even prolong the life of your machine.”

In the old days, tape reels were mass-made from either aluminium or, cheaper still, plastic. Over the years, these reels may bend, crack or warp, causing the tape to rub on the reel’s flanges which can result in damage to both tape and (worse still) tape deck.

In response to a growing interest in all things open reel, US company RX Reels sought to create a tape reel that would both look better, and be better. It took them seven months to get it right, but get it right they did.

The company’s handsome reels are made using upcycled aerospace-grade carbon fibre, which is suitably rigid (two times stiffer than steel and five times stronger) but not heavy.

What is carbon fibre and what makes it such a great material for these reels?

“The review sample arrived in a beautiful presentation box, which itself smacks of luxury,” writes Pipe. “Its exceptional quality, the result of precision manufacturing, was obvious.”

Take a look at the manufacturing process to see how these unique carbon fibre reels are made.

Risking the review sample on some of his most rare and precious tapes, Pipe was reassured to discover that not only did the tape wind more smoothly “with no telltale scrapes” even when fast-wound, but also there were other audible benefits. “The stereo image was more solid and better defined.”

“Quite frankly, it’s highly unlikely you’ll find a better spool for your deck… and, chances are you’ll never need to buy anther take-up reel again. Oh, and it looks the business too!”

Read the full review in the September 2021 issue of Hi-Fi World

Find out more at rxreels.com