“Guts and glory”: Kerr Acoustic’s K320 mk3 floorstanding loudspeaker wins Hi-Fi Choice group test

Six of the best mid-price floorstanding loudspeakers go head to head in the October issue of Hi-Fi Choice. Reviewer David Price is particularly moved by Kerr Acoustic’s “highly composed sound, firecracker dynamics and oodles of guts and glory.”

Kerr Acoustic’s two-way K320 mk3 has undergone a few revisions since a previous review in Hi-Fi Choice (in issue 446, in which it earned a ‘Hi-Fi Choice Recommended’ badge). The crossover has been carefully redesigned, several new finish options have been added and cabinet production has been outsourced to specialist UK company in order to meet growing demand, all of which make it “quite a different beast from the original,” writes Price.

Kerr Acoustic K320 blue back and front

“You only have to hear the way that the K320 scythes through [Simple Minds’] New Gold Dream to know it’s something special. Whereas most of the others here handle it well, this speaker appears to mysteriously vanish when the play button is pressed. It boasts a tonality on the warm wide of dry and a soundstage of architectural precision.”

“Bass goes down extremely low in a tight and powerful way… Treble soars and sparkles, with a delicacy that no other offering here approaches. Impressive stuff, but what really floats my boat is the loudspeaker’s rhythmic prowess.”

“The most transparent design here, this speaker seems able to get right into the grain of the recording, throwing out vast amounts of detail.”

Read the full review in the October 2021 issue of Hi-Fi Choice

Find out more at www.kerracoustic.com and to audition, track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.soundfowndations.co.uk