“Superb sound quality”: Hi-Fi World awards Exposure’s new 3510 integrated amplifier the full five stars

“Exposure’s 3510 amplifier proves that more traditional solid-state technology can , if executed well, satisfyingly deliver the musical goods,” writes Martin Pipe in the new February issue.

The 3510 integrated amp is the first of Exposure’s new 3510 series, which will soon also include a pre-amplifier and mono and stereo power amps. It replaces the outgoing 3010 series and features trickle-down technology from the company’s reference 5010 series.

“A peek inside the 3510 reveals an exceptionally high standard of internal construction,” writes Pipe. Of note: encapsulated relays for source-switching and motorised Alps volume control. Two pairs of output devices, mounted on a mid-section heatsink are used for each power amplifier channel. Powering it all is a hefty toroidal mains transformer.”

“The vocals of the music I played – whether Leonard Cohen, Beth Gibbons, Thom Yorke or Hannah Reid – were given presence, detail and intimacy. I was hooked on every word, every breath, every nuance.”

Exposure 3510 integrated amplifier in titanium – angled front view

At the lower octaves the 3510 “sounded clean and its tautness was maintained, even at the higher listening levels”, with an “ability to reach satisfyingly deep in terms of bassline”. A Fender guitar “was bestowed with a delicious analogue warmth that’s almost valve-like.”

From the sheer dynamics of Holst’s Planet Suite (“its ability to resolve instrumental detail”) to tracks by Radiohead and Fela Kuti (“delivered with the necessary attack and urgency”), and the stripped-down bluegrass of Garett Brennan (delivered with “a natural sense of space”), the 3510 “helped to draw me in, whether I was listening through speakers or headphones.”

“The 3510’s connectivity and superb sound quality should ensure it a place at the heart of many decent hi-fi system”.

Read the review in full in the February 2022 issue of Hi-Fi World.

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