Connected-Fidelity RF Blocker: a simple solution to RF noise

PRESS RELEASE: Connected-Fidelity’s RF Blocker is a simple-to-fit radio frequency (RF) filter designed to increase audio fidelity and deliver a clearer, cleaner sound.

The RF Blockers are supplied in pairs with a choice of three connection options: banana terminals, spade terminals or bare wires. Designed to ‘fit and forget’, they simply fit across your loudspeakers’ binding posts or amplifier loudspeaker outputs.

RF ‘noise’, which includes both Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), is found everywhere in the home. This noise, of which major sources are mobile phones and WiFi, is picked up by cables, electronics and loudspeaker coils, where it interferes with the audio signal. Filtering out RF noise is thus an effective way to enhance audio fidelity.

The RF Blockers are entirely passive and have no effect on the loudspeakers’ or the amplifiers’ performance specifications, hence the resulting improvement in sound quality does not come at the expense of other sonic characteristics. Expect an increase in musical coherence, improved clarity in the higher frequencies, a cleaner mid-range, tighter and less ‘boxy’ bass and a more open and spacious soundstage.

“The overall effect is of less ‘confused’ musical details with a greater sense of space, clarity and presence,” says designer Michael Osborn.

The units are designed to audiophile specifications: high quality electrical components are housed in a die-cast aluminium box acting as a Faraday cage, ensuring that no further RF interference is picked up to enter the audio chain. The short cables are multi-strand OFC copper, and the connectors are gold-plated.

Connected-Fidelity’s RF Blockers can be used with any wired amplifier to loudspeaker connection.

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PRESS RELEASE Connected-Fidelity RF Blocker: a simple solution to RF noise

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Connected-Fidelity RF Blocker pair (spade)