“Everything I listened to felt more real”: StereoNet & HiFi Pig review Connected-Fidelity’s RF Blocker

Noise annoys StereoNet’s James Michael Hughes, so he enjoyed Connected-Fidelity’s affordable way of improving his system’s sound. Meanwhile, Ken Stokes gave the RF Blockers a try for HiFi Pig, with admittedly low expectations – which were soon “swept away”.

“I tried my review samples with several amps – solid-state, tube, and a tube/transistor hybrid,” reports Hughes. “In each case, they created a cleaner, more transparent sound. The top-end seemed crisper, cleaner, more open and detailed with the RF Blockers in place. Subjectively, it also seemed like the volume level had increased slightly. The music sounded fresher, and voices and instruments projected a little more strongly into the room.”

“I really didn’t know what to expect and was, frankly, more than a little sceptical of the claims made about what these units might do,” writes Stokes. “As with anything sent I was determined to give these small units a fair chance with proper long term listening and with A/B testing as I normally do.” Still, “I was fully prepared for zero impact – indeed, it may well be said that I was actually expecting zero impact.”

“However, I was shocked and I’d have to say my initial reservations were swept away! I will say straight away (big intake of air and audible wow!) I really did have my expectations proved wrong! I knew almost instantly, literally before the end of the first song on the first album that something positive was happening here….everything I listened to simply felt more real.”

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