“You’ll sell one every time”: Hi-Fi Choice gives dealers a tip on Exposure’s 3510 integrated amplifier

Exposure’s 3510 sports an “old school design, uncluttered fascia and superb performance” and “can’t be beat for pure listenability,” says Hi-Fi Choice. And, if you’re a dealer looking to reveal the 3510’s full qualities to prospective buyers, there’s an album that’ll prove its powers to the hilt…

Integrated amplifiers aren’t necessarily the component of choice for those who want it all sonically speaking, but if you do (want it all), then Exposure’s 3510 could well be the amp to deliver the goods – even if you’re still torn over solid state versus valves. “The 3510 is swiftly emerging as a solid-state amp for those who want but cannot cope with the responsibility of valves,” says Hi-Fi Choice.

It “exhibits speaker control like a sergeant major on a power trip,” while at the same time “during testing we struggle to find a pair of cans it won’t drive with anything less than complete distinction.”

And if you want the flexibility to expand your system going forward? Again, tick: “Despite the closed nature of all integrated amplifiers, the 3510 does encourage growth over the years, as its doubled-up pre-out and speaker outputs suggest, while a detachable mains cable that also begs for experimentation.” There’s also a selection of optional plug-in modules including an MM or MC phono board and a USB/DSD64-compatible DAC.

Read the full review in in the February 2022 issue of Hi-Fi Choice for the full low-down on the 3510’s many sonic qualities.

In conclusion, “Apart from whole heartily recommending this Exposure integrated, here’s a tip for any dealer keen to demo the 3510 for prospective buyers. Treat them with a blast of Jeff Beck’s Truth and chances are you’ll sell one every time.”

Find out more and track down your nearest dealer at www.exposurehifi.com