Exposure upgrades mid-range ‘twenty series’ integrated amp: the 2010S2-D


British hi-fi brand Exposure, renowned for creating high-performance audio components with an impressively affordable price tag, is updating its much-loved range to add fresh features to meet the latest audiophile wants.

Currently being released is the 2010S2-D, an upgraded version of the classic 2010S2 integrated amplifier. Like its predecessor, the new 2010S2-D comes with six line level inputs. However, one of these is now a direct AV input with fixed gain, to enable integration within a surround sound system.

“This is a positively magnificent little amp.” said Stereophile.com of the original 2010S2. “Its tunefulness and timing are beyond reproach, and, among other things, it’s probably one of the most transparent amplification products I’ve ever heard at any price”….

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PRESS RELEASE Exposure upgrades mid-range 2010S2-D integrated amp

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