‘Five of the best’: Exposure 3010S2-D among Hi-Fi Choice essential integrated amps

Right now is a terrific time to be a music lover and audiophile, given the almost endless choices of wired and wireless options on which to spin your favourite tunes. Then again, those endless choices can be a tad bewildering, with traditional stacks of black boxes at one end of the spectrum and the tiniest of portable devices at the other.

“The trick is to find a happy medium,” advises Hi-Fi Choice. “For true music fans where sound quality is everything, there’s only one way to go.” The integrated amplifier.

For the magazine’s September 2016 issue, the team gathered up a host of integrateds across a range of prices and came up with five models that should be on your audition list if audio nirvana is your goal.

Among them is British brand Exposure Electronics’ 3010S2-D, a Hi-Fi Choice Editors’ Choice model with “A fast, powerful sound that’s highly involving yet tonally smooth and impressively neutral.”

Read the full feature in the September 2016 issue of Hi-Fi Choice

Find out more about Exposure Electronics at www.exposurehifi.com

Exposure 3010S2-D integrated amp in silver
Exposure 3010S2-D integrated amp in silver