‘Unreservedly recommended’: Hi-Fi News reviews Clearaudio’s new Innovation Basic turntable

Clearaudio recently extended their renowned Innovation range of turntables with a new model, the Innovation Basic. While it’s actually anything but ‘basic’, the price is very competitive and brings the Innovation range within reach of a greater number of music lovers.

Adam Smith puts the Innovation Basic to the test in his review for the October 2016 issue of Hi-Fi News.

“The Innovation Basic took everything in its stride and offered a uniformly impressive performance across the range,” writes Smith. “The overall combination [with Clearaudio’s Clarify tonearm and Essence MC cartridge] proved little short of enthralling. A Clearaudio turntable is always a fine listening experience but with this particular set-up the components indeed sounded as if they were made for each other.”

Clearaudio Innovation Basic (Wood)
Clearaudio Innovation Basic (Wood)

“The Basic augments the existing Innovation model range perfectly. It gives away surprisingly little in performance to the Innovation, while offering a neater and more attainable package… the overall package works together superbly and can be unreservedly recommended.”

hi-fi-news-october-2016-coverRead Adam Smith’s full review in the October 2016 issue of Hi-Fi News

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