Danish loudspeaker revolutionary Raidho to make Hi-Fi Show Live debut thanks to new UK distribution agreement with Decent Audio


High-end hi-fi distributor Decent Audio is delighted to announce a new exclusive UK distribution agreement with renowned Danish loudspeaker brand Raidho. On 29th-30th October a selection of Raidho’s stunningly ambitious speakers will make their UK debut at this year’s Hi-Fi Show Live in Windsor. Come along and find out what’s behind the brand’s reputation as a true revolutionary.

Raidho is hardly a new name on the block, having long been renowned for its innovation with a capital ‘I’. The company is famously unafraid to think very differently and to walk a more challenging design path, pushing the envelope above and beyond the usual tried-and-tested approaches. As a result, in recent years Raidho has taken – or rather earned – its place in the hi-fi world’s league of legends.

The Raidho journey began with a brilliant invention, the Raidho ribbon tweeter – a unique sealed ribbon tweeter that employs an array of neodymium magnets to create an extremely powerful force field in which an ultra thin membrane is suspended. Its performance was spectacular but initially posed a challenge: it was too far ahead of the game, and so responsive and dynamic that integration with conventional dynamic midrange and mass drivers proved tricky.

Raidho addressed the problem in typical Raidho fashion, by envisaging their own midrange and bass drivers that would be anything but conventional. Sounds simple, but it wasn’t. The raft of innovations that have since gone into the Raidho range are nothing short of daring – from their stunningly conceived Ceramix drivers to their recent diamond-coated cones, both of which have necessitated a reinvention of production processes with technological support from the state-of-the-art Tribology Centre of the Danish Technological Institute.

All of the drivers and components in a Raidho loudspeaker are designed and manufactured by Raidho Acoustics themselves and every speaker is built buy hand. Not a single modified off-the-shelf drive unit is used, only genuine clean-sheet audio engineering solutions.

The results are quite simply breathtaking and the Raidho room has often been one of the most anticipated at several of the world’s leading audio shows.

Visitors to Hi-Fi Show Live can also delight in two further treats from Decent Audio. The UK debut of Raidho’s newest models will be partnered with two more enticing ‘firsts’: the unveiling of the Kronos Pro turntable along with Audio Analogue‘s new Maestro Anniversary amplifier. And if the sweet sound of Raidho is beyond your present budget, don’t despair, since sister brand Scansonic’s fabulously affordable Raidho-inspired ‘HD’ range is another of Decent Audio’s covetable yet highly accessible brands that will also be on show this October. Join us!

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PRESS RELEASE Danish loudspeaker revolutionary Raidho to make Hi-Fi Show Live debut thanks to new UK distribution agreement with Decent Audio

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