Feeling dusty? Static? Hi-Fi Choice recommends Furutech’s Destat III

Launched in 2017, Furutech’s Destat III effectively eliminates dust and static not only from vinyl records but also digital media and audio and video components. Hi-Fi Choice puts it to the test in the magazine’s first issue of 2018.

The Destat III, already an award-winner in its native Japan, is the third generation model of Furutech’s original Destat. Effortless to use, it removes dust and static charge from any and all audio and video media in just one swift treatment.

As any fan of high-performance audio knows, static charge builds up on analogue and digital discs. Whether vinyl, CD, SACD or DVD, this charge constitutes unwanted electrical interference as well as attracting dust, both of which can lead to distracting noise and compromised sound quality.

Furutech destat III slant front view

“This is especially common during periods of dry and warm weather,” notes Hi-Fi Choice, “when the friction with dry air can cause LPs to gain and maintain a static charge which can reach anywhere from 3 – 20KV.”

Thankfully, the problem couldn’t be easier to solve. Simply hold Furutech’s Destat III over your chosen media and press one button. In just 15 seconds, the powerful fan removes dust while a balanced ion flow generator releases a just-right balance of positive and negative ions to eliminate static.

“I am able to detect some static-induced clicks which are especially noticeable when playing an unmodulated part of a record,” writes reviewer Neville Roberts. “I treat the LP with a 15 second burst from the Destat III and then repeat my listening test and am happy to report that the clicks disappear after treatment.”

It’s also a breeze to use. “Unlike some antistatic devices, this is very easy to operate as its effectiveness does not rely on having to carefully squeeze a trigger.” And, for added convenience, it runs on easy-to-replace AA batteries.

You can also use the Destat III on power cords, speaker cables, interconnects and any and all accessories that include metal components such as record clamps. “It’s even effective at reducing the attraction of cling-flim!” notes Roberts.

Discover more about Furutech’s range of performance-enhancing accessories at www.furutech.com/products/accessories and find your nearest dealer from UK distributor Sound Fowndations

Read the full review in the ‘Choice Extras’ feature of the January 2018 issue of Hi-Fi Choice