“The mouse that roared”: Hi-Fi News reviews Exposure’s compact XM CD player & XM5 integrated amp

Despite its diminutive dimensions, this half-size CD player/integrated amp combination offers a grown-up sound along with facilities normally seen on full-width separates,” writes David Price in the November issue.

In 2017 Exposure Electronics launched its ‘XM’ series of hi-fi components, in which it packed an impressive complement of high-end features and performance into an astonishingly compact and affordable half-width design. Since then, the series has picked up a raft of reviews and awards, and grown to include a phonostage, a preamplifier, mono power amps, a headphone amp, and the XM CD player and XM5 integrated amplifier reviewed here.

Internally, both designs are based on Exposure’s full-width 2010S2 series.

“The Exposure XM CD/XM5 duo is an essay in what’s possible in terms of sound quality for under £2,500. I can think of very few CD player/DAC/integrated amp combos that do better at the price,” says Price.

“[This] duo is the mouse that roared. It has a charming sound that’s articulate and engaging, while never descending into harshness. This likeable personality extends to its design, which is compact yet clever and provides plenty of facilities. Despite its diminutive dimensions, there’s no sense of this combination playing second fiddle to any full-sized separates system costing a similar price.”

Read the full review in the November 2019 issue of Hi-Fi News.

Find out more and track down your nearest dealer at www.exposurehifi.com (where you can also view / download the review in full).