“A huge step up”: Hi-Fi Plus reviews Computer Audio Design’s GC-R system grounding unit

Reviewer Roy Gregory isn’t known to mince his words, so if the claims of a hi-fi accessory are to be put to the test, you can count on him to tell the snake oil from the real deal. So how about Computer Audio Design’s GC-R system grounding unit? “I am saying that optimizing your grounding arrangements is fundamental to hearing what your system is capable of – and getting the benefit you’ve already paid for,” writes Gregory in the July issue of Hi-Fi Plus. “You should hear the GC-R in action. It’s musical benefits are kind of hard to ignore.”

“Not so long ago, system grounding was the brave new frontier, virgin territory for system improvement”, writes Roy Gregory in the July 2020 issue of Hi-Fi Plus. But then audiophiles began to discover the considerable potential difference to system performance, and the frontier was crossed.

Since then, and particularly over the past decade, the amount of high frequency noise on our mains power has increased dramatically due to the use of computers, modems, wifi and switch mode power supplies, etc. At the same time, the high frequency noise that’s generated within our audio systems has also increased: DACs, servers, computers, NAS drives, routers, etc. are all connected directly to our audio systems.

Computer Audio Design (CAD) believes that one of the key reasons that so many digital audio products ‘sound digital’ is due to this high frequency noise. And so CAD has always worked hard to reduce unwanted noise in all of its products. And the company’s Ground Control units are designed to substantially reduce noise from the very high KHz range up to more than 10 GHz.

But “who in the their right mind would drop this kind of dosh on a facility that theory suggests can be achieved with a bit of wire and a 13A plug?” asks Gregory. Gregory himself, as it turns out, who put the GC-R to the test and now won’t be parted from it.

CAD GC-R Ground Control Reference

“Does it work? – it does, spectacularly well. I was able to really ring the changes… so much so that I’m going to skip the long and convoluted step-by-step analysis and cut straight to the conclusions.”

“Connecting both analogue and digital components to the CG-R resulted in a really significant step up in performance, with gains not just in terms of detail, separation and focus, but more natural colours, greater presence and more immediate presentation. In terms of bringing performers and their performance into the room this was a huge step up.”

“This is no sonically subtle shift… this is fundamental to the structure, sense, intelligibility, and enjoyment of the musical event. Since it arrived, the CG-R has been ever present in the ever-changing system in my listening room.”

“If you still think that passive grounding solutions are so much hokum, then you should hear the GC-R in action. It’s musical benefits are kind of hard to ignore!”

Read the full review, from the July 2020 issue of Hi-Fi Plus, online at www.computeraudiodesign.com/gc1-ground-control

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