“Not ‘just another integrated’”: Ken Kessler has much fun with Exposure’s new 3510 amplifier

Exposure has “returned to its roots” with a full-width integrated amplifier inspired by the improved circuit design of its flagship 5010 monoblock power amps. “You want painless hi-fi? You got it” writes Ken Kessler in Hi-Fi News. 

On the outside, Exposure’s new 3510 integrated amplifier makes “a case for simplicity” with its minimalist design and uncluttered front panel. “The 3510 is a device for reminding people like me of (hi-fi) life in simpler times,” writes Kessler, and “nostalgia doesn’t come any better than this.”

This is the first of the British brand’s new and forthcoming 3510 series, soon to include a pre-amp and mono and stereo power amps. It replaces the outgoing 3010 series model and is packed with trickle-down technology from Exposure’s top-of-range 5010 series.

Kessler kicks off his review with Harry Nilsson’s Nilsson Schmilsson on SACD, which “Exposure’s 3510 delivered with the kind of impact I would expect of a £25k high-end import weighing 50kg.”

“It was the bass run that opens ‘Jump Into The Fire’ that made me realise this wasn’t ‘just another integrated’”.

“The 3510 exhibits speaker control like a Sgt Major”. As for the headphone output, “I’m happy to report that I couldn’t find a pair of cans it wouldn’t drive with anything less than distinction.”

Moving on to the “excruciatingly poignant” ‘Without You’ with its delicate piano trills and gorgeous strings and horns, “What the 3510 did to surprise me was to present them with a silkiness I associate more with tubes like EL34s or even 300Bs. The 3510 was emerging as a solid state amp for those who want, but cannot cope with, valves.”

Next, Kessler did something interesting: cued up a CD he detests! “80 vile tracks from Now Yearbook 1983”. To say Ken’s not a fan of the likes of Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and Wham! would probably be an understatement, so why pick this one? “Simple: if a system is magical, you will listen to anything.”

Sure enough “the sound drew me in… it was enough to sell me on the 3510’s sheer listenability, its competence having already been demonstrated.”

Finishing up with vinyl, “it was the new 45rpm issue of Jeff Beck’s immortal Truth that stamped a solid thumbs-up in this integrated amp. Take my word for it, if you love this album as I do, this is as good as it gets.”

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Read the review in full in the November issue of Hi-Fi News.

PS. Stop press! You can now read the full review online at www.hifinews.com/content/exposure-3510-integrated-amplifier