Exposure’s 2510 integrated is A British Audiophile’s Best Amplifier of 2021

With more than 41k subscribers, Tarun Sharma’s ‘A British Audiophile’ is one of YouTube’s fastest growing hi-fi review channels.

Sharma is a physics teacher by profession as well as being an avid audiophile of some 30+ years standing. In his latest video, he reflects on the products he’s reviewed over the past 12 months and selects the Best DAC, Best Amplifier and Best Speakers of 2021.

Hands down winner in the ‘Best Amplifier’ category is Exposure Electronics’ 2510 integrated which, when stacked against a roll call of worthy competitors “dials up the clarity and refinement to another level”. “I’d be amazed if you can do better at the price,” Sharma concludes.

Discover more about what makes the Exposure 2010 come out on top, as well as the winner of Best DAC and Best Speakers in A British Audiophile’s Hifi Products Of The Year 2021 below.