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Clearaudio introduce new Performance DC turntable


Improving on the original award-winning Clearaudio Performance and Performance SE turntables, the Performance DC integrates a high-torque, smooth and quiet DC motor into the chassis. The motor is similar to that used in Clearaudio’s high-end Ovation and Innovation series turntables and provides superb speed stability and very satisfying ease-of use with start, stop and speed selection controlled by the touch of one of four illuminated buttons situated on the smart new plinth…. Continue reading Clearaudio introduce new Performance DC turntable

Clearaudio receives Germany’s most prestigious award for SME innovators


Clearaudio is thrilled to be recognized in Compamedia GmbH’s celebrated TOP 100® listing of innovative SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) for 2013. The TOP 100® seal of approval is awarded annually to the most innovative SMEs throughout Germany….

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PRESS RELEASE Clearaudio receives prestigious innovation award